Darya van de Sandt-Nassehi

Volker Lindemann

TMG Consultants have again been declared “Hidden Champion of the Consulting Market” and have successfully defended their 2018 title as the best consulting firm in the category “Manufacturing Industry”.

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The “Hidden Champions Award” is the most valuable award that a medium-sized consulting firm can win in Germany. The title means that TMG is certified by customers as having a higher level of expertise in the “manufacturing industry” consulting segment than the three large consulting firms McKinsey, Boston Consulting and Bain.

“We are extremely proud to have won the “Hidden Champion” title for the third time in succession," said TMG Managing Director Darya van de Sandt-Nassehi, commenting on the renewed title win. “The award confirms the high esteem in which we are held by our customers and confirms our position as a leading consulting partner for the manufacturing industry – especially when it comes to successfully combining classic challenges in R&D, production and SCM with the new topics of automation and digitalization”. Klaus Dieterich, also Managing Director of TMG, agrees: “The excellent rating, which has once again put us in first place in our consulting segment, is clear proof of the high quality of our services and the benefits we provide to our customers”.



The “Hidden Champion” award has been presented since 2003. The award owes its special significance to the fact that the evaluation of consulting services is based exclusively on the assessments of executives who have extensive personal experience in working with consulting firms. This year, 765 executives from various industries took part in the survey, almost 20 percent of which came from DAX companies.

Another special feature of the “Hidden Champion” competition: you cannot apply for the award. Rather, one has to be nominated by an independent panel of experts from science and practice. The suitability in principle is then evaluated by empirical preliminary studies conducted by the German Academic Society for Management and Consulting (WGMB) under the direction of Professor Dietmar Fink. Only then will decision-makers in the client companies conduct the final evaluation.


“Only a few smaller consulting firms succeed in competing successfully in the top segment of the market,” says Dietmar Fink, Professor of Management Consulting and a widely recognized analyst in the consulting market, underlining the special significance of the award. This year, 26 consulting firms were able to assert themselves in various topical and industry-related segments of the consulting market.

The study also reveals what qualifications customers expect from their consultants today and what they value most about them: “In the face of digitalization and uncertain markets, consultants must above all convince as implementers, analysts and creative, innovative minds,” emphasizes Fink.




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